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We do advertising work on paid channels such as Google, Meta, Yandex, Criteo, RTB House, Programmatic.

We do advertising work on paid channels such as Google, Meta, Yandex, Criteo, RTB House, Programmatic.
  • Digital Media Marketing

    It is the process of adapting traditional marketing strategies to digital platforms and increasing the promotion, sales and brand awareness of products or services through digital channels.

  • Google Advertising

    Google Ads is Google's advertising service on search engine results, websites, mobile applications and other digital platforms. Through this platform, search ads, visual ads, video ads and app ads can be created to reach the target audience.

  • Meta (Facebook&Instagram Advertising)

    Meta is a company that incorporates platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Facebook Advertising Services offers the opportunity to create adverts and reach the target audience through Facebook and Instagram. These platforms support visual content, video ads, carousel ads and other ad formats.

  • Yandex Advertising

    Yandex is one of the leading search engines and digital platforms in Russia. Yandex Advertising Services are used to run ads in Yandex search results, Yandex Maps, Yandex Mail and other Yandex products. Search ads, image ads, video ads and audience-specific ads can be created on this platform.

  • Criteo Advertising

    Criteo is an advertising technology company that delivers personalised ads. Criteo's advertising services include dynamically generated ads on websites and mobile applications based on users' online behaviour. These adverts are often seen in the form of product retargeting and dynamic product adverts.

  • RTB House

    RTB House is a company that provides programmatic advertising services using real-time bidding (RTB) technology. RTB House's platform analyses users' online behaviour and interests to create audience-specific ads. These adverts can often be seen on websites and mobile applications.

  • Programmatic Advertising

    Programmatic advertising is a technology and business model that enables the automatic buying and selling of advertising. This form of advertising enables advertisers to reach target audiences more effectively and efficiently. There are many forms of programmatic advertising, such as real-time bidding (RTB), predetermined buying (PMP) and automatic guarantee.

By integrating with your brand's existing digital production, we carry out advertising activities that will increase the awareness of your brand on paid channels such as Google, Meta, Yandex, Criteo, RTB House, Programmatic.

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