We Prepared the Growth Package for Health Tourism for You!

We Prepared the Growth Package for Health Tourism for You!

It is a very new market and sector stakeholders do not have an idea about the method of digitalization. We have put our 7 years of experience in Health Tourism and 13 years of experience in Tourism into a portal. So why do we need a portal, let's examine it together.


First of all, let's establish our equation


Performance Marketing = Right Software + Digital Marketing (Sem - Seo)


The digital journey of the consumer in the market lasts a minimum of 21 days and a maximum of 90 days. If you remarket to standard page viewers, you accumulate serious data and since you cannot segment the data, the cost of responding to every consumer is very high on the advertising side. Therefore, the general problem of all business owners is ROAS. Because the only activity is facebook leads and remarketing!


Let's assume that the consumer traveling with a standard website communicates with you through social media or google search network. He communicates with you directly or by leaving his data about any service. You share the data you receive from the site with google ads and facebook network for remarketing. Since you provide the same type of ad display to everyone and do not segment the incoming detail according to the service, the conversion rates are low. For this reason, your advertising costs increase considerably.


So What Do We Do?


  • With the help of the portal, your customers become a member of the site.
  • By choosing the service or packaged service, they send their panoramic movies and request a price.
  • A personalized price offer is prepared and shared from the control panel.
  • Service sales are realized thanks to credit card integration.

Let's Talk About Digital Marketing


We create categories according to service titles and measure what the consumer needs with the services available on our website. We ensure that the relevant kit list is directed according to the demographic structure. In this way, we do not market all on four implants to our potential customer in his 20s who prefers Hollywood smile to a patient over 50 with remarketing. We develop an advertising strategy tailored to the person and their needs. By sharing this data with digital platforms, we ensure that they come back to our website. In other words, we increase your ROI values by providing ad impressions according to the nature of the consumer.


The factors that increase the rate at which our potential customer sees an advertisement are; the rate of stay on the website, the time spent on the service, the number of times he/she has visited the site, hotel preference, transfer vehicle request and most importantly, we capture the consumer in digital areas by determining the age criteria according to the service he/she added to the cart and invite him/her back to the website. In the next process, we enable the consumer to make a call center call via CTA, communicate via whatsapp or share their data. If the consumer does not prefer to communicate, the advertising algorithm intensifies a little more and directs them to search. That's how easy and fast it is!